207 - Hormonal Harmony: Balancing Health and Wellness During Menopause

Season #2

Welcome to the "Clean Living Made Easy" podcast!  In this episode we explore the transformative power of holistic nutrition and lifestyle strategies to enhance women's health during menopause and midlife. Join us as we sit down for an illuminating conversation with Karen Friend Smith, a certified health coach specializing in menopause and midlife health, who is deeply passionate about empowering women to feel their best and make the most out of this pivotal stage of life.

In this podcast, Karen shares her expertise, providing actionable advice to help navigate this transformative phase with grace and vitality. We delve into the critical role that nutrition and lifestyle choices play in managing the symptoms of menopause, optimizing health, and embracing wellness during midlife.

One significant aspect we explore is the impact of environmental toxins on hormone health during menopause. Environmental toxins are a growing concern in our modern world and can disrupt hormonal balance, exacerbating menopausal symptoms and impacting overall well-being. Karen sheds light on these effects and discusses strategies to minimize exposure, making informed choices that promote hormonal harmony and vitality.

Tune in for this engaging discussion with Karen Friend Smith, filled with expert insights and practical tips that empower women to embrace clean living, prioritize their health, and thrive during menopause and midlife. Let's embark on this journey together, discovering how simple and sustainable lifestyle changes can lead to a healthier, more vibrant life during this transformative stage.


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