Hi! My name is Jessica!  My journey to cleaner products started with me discovering  toxic chemicals in the "natural" body wash I was using on my kids.

One evening while giving my sons their bath, I began to wonder what exactly was in the "natural" body wash I was using to wash their precious little bodies.  Both of my boys have asthma and one of them has severe eczema, so choosing something gentle and safe was at the top of my priority list. But at the time, I had no idea that the personal care industry was unregulated and that I may actually be harming my sons health with my choice of body wash.

But thankfully I had a wakeup call.  A friend had mentioned earlier that day that words like "natural" & "organic" had no meaning in the personal care industry like they do in food and that the industry had not had a major update to the law since 1938.  So that evening, I began to question the safety of the product I was using on them. 

Once I was done with their bath, I began to research each and every ingredient in that product and what I found was shocking  I discovered that I was unknowingly lathering chemicals linked to asthma, eczema and even cancer onto my precious kids!  How in the world could that be?  I was trying to protect my sons and come to find out, I was potentially harming their health.

So, I went searching for safer options and thankfully found Beautycounter. I was so impressed with their dedication to educating consumers on the issues surrounding the industry and also their work in Washington to support meaningful change in the industry and knew I had to try their products.  I fell in love right away.  I had never tried products that made my skin feel so good.  My skin had never looked better and the biggest amazement of all is that my sons eczema had almost disappeared after a few weeks!

Shortly trying their products, I decided to become a join forces with them and began to educate my friends, family & community as a consultant.

We deserve so much better than what is happening in the industry right now and most people don't think twice about the safety of the products they are using. So my hope is that you will be inspired by my story & what Beautycounter is doing to make a difference that you will begin to find safer alternatives for your family. 


A bit about me...I live with my husband, twin sons & crazy hound dog outside of Philadelphia, PA. My day job & passion is helping people find safer, high-performing alternatives to traditional household products.  I do that by both sharing Beautycounter and sharing my favorite clean household products through my website, Clean Product Junkie

I may be a clean product guru now, but just a few short years ago I was completely clueless about just how many harmful ingredients were lurking in our home. I have spent years searching for safer alternatives for most of the household products we use on a daily basis.  Countless hours have been spend doing research and testing new products.  My passion is to help others cut down on the time it takes to find truly safer solutions that actually work. 


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