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Shop CLEAN in 2020 with these Clean Product Junkie approved products!

I love to support Certified B Corporations & will add (B Corp) next to the products that are certified below. If you're unfamiliar with what a B Corp is, it stands for Benefit Corporation and includes a growing number of companies that put people, planet & profit on the same level. This means it's not just about making money for them, it's about how they treat their employees and how their manufacturing practices impact the planet. 


Pact Apparel (B Corp)

My FAVORITE organic clothing company! If you shop through this link, you'll get 20% off your first purchase!!

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Tree Tribe

This company has a TON of great clothing and accessories. Plus they plant a tree for every purchase!

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Rothy's Shoes

Shoes made out of recycled plastic!? Yes please! This link will get your $20 off your first order!

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Causebox (B Corp)

I LOVE getting my Causebox every 3 months. Each Causebox includes a curation of products from the leading socially conscious brands!

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Allbirds Shoes (B Corp)

Allbirds take sustainability to the next level. This B Corporation uses recycled materials for their shoes and socks plus their packaging is very eco-friendly!

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Bed & Bath

Coyuchi Cotton

Organic Cotton galore! Cotton is one of the most toxic crops, so shop organic cotton whenever possible! This link will get you $60 off an order of $300 or more!

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Latex for Less

I searched for over a year for a non-toxic mattress and eventually found Latex for Less. We LOVE this mattress! It's cozy and completely free of harmful chemicals.

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Personal Care

Henry Rose (EWG Verified)

It was nearly impossible to find a clean perfume until Henry Rose came along! They are the ONLY EWG verified fragrance. Get $5 off a sample set through this link!

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Beautycounter (BCorp)

Beautycounter focuses on safety, performance and sustainability all while working to increase over-site in the personal care industry! Of all "safer" brands, this is by far my favorite.

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Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya was the first brand to stop using the top 5 most toxic ingredients in nail polish. I love the performance of this polish and they have a huge selection of colors and finishes.

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Ethique Shampoo Bar (BCorp)

Bars are all the rage these days. They use less plastic and less preservatives & work just like bottled shampoo & conditioner! No wonder they're so popular! Ethique is my favorite brand I've found so far.

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Leaf Razors

Did you know that the moisture strip on razors are loaded with harmful ingredients!? Leaf razors helps you avoid the strip plus will help you cut down on plastic consumptions. This razor works like a traditional without the bad stuff!

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Primally Pure

Finding a decent clean dry shampoo and deodorant are hard to come by. Primally Pure does both extremely well. Check out this clean, high-performing brand to get a taste of what they have to offer! Plus, get 10% off your first order.

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Household Cleaners

Force of Nature

A cleaner as powerful as bleach but only using water, salt & vinegar!? I was super skeptical about this one, but it actually works PLUS it's better for the environment and cheaper than traditional products!

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Magnetic Laundry System

These magical magnets will clean your clothes, put more money in your wallet & save the planet all at the same time. This link will get you the lowest available price plus FREE SHIPPING!

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GEM Vitamins

Clean, effective and consciously sourced, GEM vitamins are made with only the most essential vitamins & minerals (nothing more!). Get 1/2 off your first order!

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I believe nutrition should come from sustainably sourced FOOD, not made in a lab! I add these blends to smoothies, oatmeal & more! Get 15% off!

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Vital Proteins Collagen

Collagen is all the rage right now! There aren't many clean options but this is 100% collagen, no fillers! I mix a scoop of peptides in my coffee every morning!

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Plastic Replacements

Stasher Bags (B Corp)

Help lower the amount of plastic being thrown away each day by using Stasher Bags! Made of silicone, they are easy to clean & much better for our health & environment than regular plastic storage & freezer bags.

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Klean Kanteen (B Corp)

Plastic bottles are another easy switch to make. Klean Kanteen is one of my favorite alternatives. They're easy to clean and keeps water cold for HOURS. I'm alway shocked at how cold my water is!

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BAGGU Reusable Bag

I love to NO THANK YOU to plastic by bringing my own bag to shop! These bags are durable and fold up to fit in any purse or handbag so you'll always have them with you. Plus, can hold up to 50lbs and are easy to clean!

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Reusable Produce Bags

These organic cotton canvas bags are a great replacement for plastic produce bags. I keep them in my reusable grocery bags so I always have them at the store!

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ETEE Beeswax Wrap

Plastic wrap actually seeps into the food as it sits PLUS it's wasteful and bad for the environment. This reusable wrap keeps food fresh for days!!

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Keychain Straws

Straws are one of the most wasteful single-use plastics. These handy straws clip onto your keychain for easy access, plus are easy to clean!

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Stojo Coffee Cups

We LOVE our Stojos in our house. We take them to Panera and other restaurants that you can refill your drinks. I'll take it to my local coffee shop or just take my coffee from home on the go.

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Solgaard Luggage & Bags

I LOVE this concept! Not only is this carry-on the coolest with a built in shelving system, but Solgaard uses recycled plastic materials in their bags PLUS they take 5 pounds of plastic out of the ocean for every item purchased.

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Lo & Sons

This is a really great personal item or weekend bag. I love that you have the option to buy it in recycled plastic material or organic cotton. It has lots of great compartments and can fit a TON of stuff.

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Our Green House

Finding non-toxic toys & baby products is not easy. Some of the most popular brands that say they are safer have been found to contain lead and other harmful materials. Our Green House is one company that you can trust for toys.

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Earthhero has a TON of great earth friendly baby & kids toys. Plus much, much more. Their motto is Choices Makes Changes, & I couldn't agree more. Vote with your dollars and change will happen!

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Eco-friendly Pet Toys/Accessories

So many great options here! From natural rubber bones to organic kitty caves, has it all!

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***Some links above may be affiliate links but will not cost you anymore to purchase through them. Oftentimes I can provide special discounts given by the companies that I have chosen to partner with. Please note, I I always give honest product reviews and opinions and only recommend products that I personally use or suggest to my personal home detox clients. Also, I only accept products that I am genuinely interested in and that fit my 3-tiered criteria of being safer, high-performing & better for the environment. 



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