205 - Nurturing Little Lives: Unlocking Children's Wellness with Chiropractic Care

Season #2

In this exciting and uplifting episode, we have the incredible Sarah Balthaser, a specialized chiropractor in child care, sharing her passion for nurturing children's health and well-being.

Sarah delves into the world of holistic approaches, emphasizing the magic of understanding brain development and its pivotal role in a child's overall health journey.

Join us as we explore the wonderful realm of clean living, interdisciplinary healthcare, and the transformative power of a healthy nervous system.

Sarah sheds light on the extraordinary impact of chiropractic care tailored for children, employing gentle techniques that steer far away from any misconceptions. We'll uncover signs to look for when seeking professional help and practical at-home tips to support children's spinal health.

Tune in for an uplifting discussion that's all about empowering families and embracing the joy of meaningful connections with our little ones.


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