203 - The Green Home: Tips for Energy Efficiency and Toxin-Free Living from a Pro

Season #2

Welcome to another episode of the Clean Living Made Easy Podcast ! I'm your host Jessica Brennan and today I'm excited to share my conversation with Kelly Steyn, a GREEN certified realtor who specializes in helping homeowners adopt eco-friendly living. Kelly shared so many useful tips for making your home energy efficient and reducing toxins, so stay tuned for practical steps you can take to green your home.

In this episode, Kelly and I discussed: - What motivated her to get the GREEN certification and focus on sustainable real estate.

  • Simple behavioral changes to reduce energy waste at home.
  • Evaluating major upgrades like solar panels, insulation, HVAC
  • The importance of understanding your home's energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality tips like ventilation, taking off shoes & choosing safer cleaning products
  • How to identify and reduce toxins from cleaners, furnishings, etc.

Some of the top recommendations from Kelly for creating an energy efficient, toxin-free home included:

  1. Get an energy audit to identify improvement opportunities
  2. Seal air leaks and add insulation to prevent energy waste
  3. Install smart thermostats and efficient appliances
  4. Open windows regularly and use air purifying plants
  5. Avoid VOC-emitting furnishings and cleaners
  6. Choose non-toxic, sustainable materials for remodeling
  7. Consider renewable energy sources like solar panels

We covered so much great information today! Be sure to listen to the full conversation with Kelly for all of her expert GREEN home tips.


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