202 - Fragrance & Mica: Beauty's Ugly Side

Season #2

In this episode, we uncover two troubling issues in the beauty industry - the fragrance loophole and unethical mica sourcing.

The Fragrance Loophole

  • Fragrance/parfum listings allow brands to hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals like phthalates, allergens, and even toxins.
  • This loophole exempts fragrances from full disclosure for "trade secret" reasons.
  • But it prevents consumers from knowing what they are really exposed to and causes rising rates of fragrance sensitivities.
  • Look for products transparently labeled as "fragrance free" or brands that voluntarily disclose all fragrance ingredients. Essential oils are also a good option when the full breakdown is provided.

Unethical Mica Sourcing

  • About 60% of the world's mica comes from illegal mines in India using child labor.
  • Children as young as 5 work in dangerous conditions for less than $2 a day.
  • Major brands still don't have full traceability over their mica supply chains.
  • Consumers should support responsibly sourced mica from audited suppliers and regulated locations.

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