201 - The Power Within: Sarah Maylands's Guide to Women's Empowerment

Season #2

In this enlightening episode of "Clean Living Made Easy," we dive deep into the world of women's empowerment and shadow work with our special guest, Sarah. With a diverse background in clinical mental health counseling, fitness, nutrition, pre-natal and postpartum coaching, and energy healing, Sarah is on a mission to empower women to love themselves and their bodies.

Join us as we explore the profound belief that every person already possesses the tools they need for transformation within themselves. Sarah discusses common "shadows" that can obstruct these tools and how she guides women in overcoming them. Discover actionable steps that parents can take to instill self-love and empowerment in their children & find out how self-love serves as the cornerstone for making healthier life choices and why it's essential for creating lasting transformation.

Tune in to this empowering episode and unlock the secrets to unearthing your inner power and creating the transformation you desire in your life. Sarah's wisdom and insights will inspire you to start your journey toward self-love and empowerment today, not only for yourself but also for the generations to come.


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