101 - First Steps in Taking Control of Household Toxins with Jessica Brennan

Season #1

Welcome to the Clean Living Made Easy Podcast! In this episode we will be talking about all things clean living and getting to know your host, Jessica Brennan, Home Detox Concierge & Founder of Clean Product Junkie.

So many people assume that if they're choosing "natural", "organic" & "green" household products, that they are creating a safe home environment for themselves and their families. But due to a lack of oversight, our products aren't always as safe as we think.

Tune in to learn more about why it's important to take control of the household environment by lowering your toxin exposure & how to choose safer solutions.

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Podcast Link: www.cleanlivingmadeeasypodcast.com

5 Day Detox - One Week to a Healthier Home Online Program (Use code 30OFF5DAYDETOX for 30% off) 

Environmental Working Group Healthy Living App


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