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When choosing personal care products, I want them to be significantly safer for health, high-performing, better for the environment and ultimately I want to vote with my dollars & support companies who are transparent and have a bigger mission attached them.  A lot to ask right?  

When I found Beautycounter, not only was I BLOWN AWAY by the performance of there products, but they surprisingly met all of my other criteria as well!

  • They currently ban over 1500 ingredients from being used in their products plus they test before, during & after production for heavy metal contamination & unwanted preservatives (these policies are not industry standard... yet!)
  • They tirelessly fight for updated legislation in congress to ensure everyone has access to safer products (there hasn't been a major update to the laws since the 1930's!)
  • They are a B Corporation, meaning they put people, planet & profit on the same level. They also have a negative carbon footprint and take steps to offset the impact that their production and travel have on the environment.  LOVE!

Beautycounter on the Today Show

Beautycounter was the #1 Googled beauty brand of 2018 and was recently featured on the Today Show for their efforts in Washington, their unique approach to providing safer, high-performing products and their dedication to educating consumers across the country. Take a few minutes to watch and see for yourself how Beautycounter is setting a new standard in the personal care industry!


My personal journey to safer products started with discovering some pretty scary ingredients in my sons "natural" body wash.  

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Text the number above or click link below to let your local congress men & women know that CLEAN PRODUCTS are important to you and encourage them to support legislation that forces companies to put our health first.

You'll receive a form to fill out, take 20-30 seconds to fill that out and you're all set!  It's really that easy! 

I promise, you will not get spammed, this is just a way to lend your voice to the Clean Beauty Movement in a simple, yet effective way.  

The more Congress hears from us, the more likely take action in the Beauty Industry!

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