Magnets to Clean Laundry?

When I first heard of laundry magnets, I was extremely skeptical. Probably even more skeptical than you are right now reading this (I am a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of person) 

I have very active twin boys and a husband who is a landscaper, so our laundry is dir-tay, with a capital D! I need a high-powered detergent to get the job done.

Before switching to the Magnetic Laundry System, we used Free & Clear, supposedly non-toxic, detergent due to my sons severe eczema.  

5 Reasons Why You Need To Try The Magnetic Laundry System

I really hadn't put much thought into the ingredients in the detergent.  I trusted that it being Free & Clear, it would not contain ingredients linked to skin irritation (I mean, isn't that the whole point?!). 

But boy was I wrong! Once I learned that our cleaning supplies in the U.S. are virtually unregulated and that terms like "Free & Clear" or even "Dermatologist Approved" didn't mean much, I went on a quest to research each & every ingredient.

What I found was shocking.  The detergent we were using was full of ingredients linked to health concerns like asthma (which both of my sons have), infertility, cancer and even ingredients linked to eczema!  

Needless to say, after I got over my initial shock, I went searching for a safer option.  A friend of mine suggested that I try the Magnetic Laundry System, so after grilling her about the performance of these mysterious laundry magnets & doing a bunch of research, I finally decided to take the plunge.

That was 4 years ago and I have never looked back!  Hundreds of my home detox clients have also switched to these amazing magnets & I can't wait to share with you why I think you should too!

 1. No harmful ingredients

What's safer than water!? My motto is the simpler, the better when it comes to choosing products.  And you really can't get much simpler than water and a magnetic field. 

This is a huge plus because ingredients from traditional detergents actually linger in the fibers of our clothes and end up being inhaled or seeping into our skin.

With my kiddos having breathing & skin issues, I am grateful now knowing that I am not adding any additional, unnecessary irritants into their lives anymore.  The Magnetic Laundry System is the best solution for a non-toxic laundry detergent.


2. You'll save money

 I haven't bought laundry detergent in 4 years! That equals hundreds of dollars that we've saved just from not having to buy laundry detergent.

You also can skip the rinse cycle with the laundry magnets, saving money on water and electricity (if you live in a drought area, this is a great feature!).  With no detergent to rinse out, your clothes only have to go through the initial wash & rinse cycle.  Our machine doesn't have a setting to skip the rinse cycle, so I just set an alarm on my phone to go turn it off before it hits the final cycle.

3. High-performance - Just as good as regular detergent!

The strong magnetic field actually breaks down the water molecules, just like detergent does, making is a strong cleaning agent. 

The first few weeks I used the magnets, I would wait for the rinse cycle to see if the water was dirty when it was coming out of the washing machine.  And it was, every singe time!  

I also have done about a million sniff tests, and with 3 smelly boys in the house, this has been a nerve wracking challenge.  But I have yet to get knocked over by leftover sock stench.  Thank goodness!

Laundry magnets are to replace your detergent, but do not replace stain guards or fabric softeners. I use Wool Dryer Balls  to replace dryer sheets & Dr. Bronner's Sals Suds for stains.


4. They're Better for the Environment

Think of all the chemicals that go down the drain when you're doing laundry.  These chemicals (some of which are extremely toxic!) end up in our water system and eventually can end up in aquatic life and our food supply.

Also, skipping the rinse cycle is an added benefit and much better for the environment as well.

5. They just plain rock!

Haha.  Can you tell I love these things?  I'm all about finding products that are safer for health, high-performing and better for the environment and the Magnetic Laundry System checks off all three of these boxes.

Now if they could just FOLD my laundry, they'd be perfect!

If you take the plunge, come back and let us know what you think! 


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