Force of Nature Cleaning System - A Natural, Non-toxic, EFFECTIVE Way to Disinfect

Finding an effective & safe way to disinfect our homes isn't easy. ESPECIALLY right now as we are dealing with COVID 19 and wanting to ensure our homes are as safe & clean as possible.

"Natural" cleaners most often contain the same or similar ingredients linked to health concerns as traditional products (click here to read more about the difference between clean & "green").  Not all of the safer brands are effective at killing off bacteria & viruses plus unfortunately ALL disinfectants (both traditional and natural) are in short supply in many areas of the country due to unprecedented demand.  

The best solution I have found for a safe, effective disinfectant (and is actually IN STOCK) is the Force of Nature Cleaning System.

In a nutshell, this system combines water, salt & vinegar to create a proven, high-powered disinfectant called hypochlorous acid (this is actually the active ingredient in bleach). Force of Nature is 99.99% effective at killing bacteria & viruses plus is EPA registered to be used on COVID 19.

Electrolyzed water (this is what the process is called to create hypochlorus acid) has been used for decades in industrial settings. But the machine needed to create this powerhouse cleaner has been too big & too expensive for household use until recently.

It is completely safe (you can even use it to spray pacifiers!) and free of fragrances & harmful preservatives.

There are a few options available now for home use, but my personal favorite by far is Force of Nature. The reasons I personally love Force of Nature and prefer it to other options is that it is at a great price point (you can get the system plus the capsules needed to get started for around $70), PLUS it's super easy to use!

Force of Nature streamlines multiple cleaners into one powerhouse for virtually any surface – sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, tile, plastic, rubber & colorfast rugs. It kills odors at the source in sports gear, cat litter, trash cans & diaper pails. It’s also an EPA registered disinfectant.

Check out this video review I did to learn more details about the system, plus why choosing a safer disinfectant is important for you & your families health and how you can start using the Force of Nature system in your home.


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Need some extra guidance finding alternatives to your current products?

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